Richard-Circle-ImageWelcome! I am a Business Strategist and Internet Expert that helps entrepreneurs and companies create, develop and implement internet ideas and strategies.

A common theme when I talk with those who do business online is that they are overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information available. I believe success in the online world can be learned, repeated and doesn’t have to be complex.

Success does however require the right strategy, team and systems. When you have these in place then your business can run with or without you…and you can start to have the freedom to work on your business rather than in your business.

I also believe that entrepreneurs thrive when they are focused working in their area of unique ability. As such, I have found it’s critical to determine first when you need learn and do something yourself, when you need to hire a dedicated staff person and when you need to simply outsource to a person or firm.

When you are free to do what you love to do and what you do best and you have others on your team doing the same, then you can build a high performing team and organization that gets results.

My Offerings

All of my products services help creators and entrepreneurs go from idea to implementation as fast as possible.

I am a proponent of a lean start-up methodology. This approach encourages quick results and ongoing improvements and pivots.

There are three primary ways to work with me:

  • Training Programs: I offer a range of comprehensive online learning courses in areas of internet marketing with flagship information products on Lead Funnel Creation and on Podcasting.
  • Executive Consulting Services: I offer private consulting for select client organizations. This can be straight consulting where you do the implementation but most often clients choose ‘done-for-you’ services for strategy development, product launches, social media management and lead funnel setup and management.
  • Monthly Mastermind Club: I offer an online mastermind group and also a local mastermind group that meets in Maui, Hawaii. Membership in these programs opens up twice a year.

I meet a lot of amazing creators and entrepreneurs and sometimes we get talking and birth entirely new ventures, however, this is limited due to my time availability.

My Background and Journey

I am a graduate of the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and am a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) retired status. I have worked in the business fields of investment management, financial trading, venture capital and higher education.

Early in my career I worked in the financial sector as a commodities floor and screen trader (S&P500, EuroDollar, Gold). At the time I really loved trading and it was my life 24/7. This path drew me to Asia where I worked and lived in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong for over 10 years, trading many of the foreign stock markets. While in Hong Kong I also worked in the Import/Export and Private Equity sectors.

I actually started flirting with online business back in 1992 when I wrote a business plan for an online real estate listing company.  That idea was about 5 years too early, hence the role of timing and luck.

When I started in the financial trading world, one of my first projects was to help develop one of the first online options trading systems, initially on GLOBEX on the Chicago Merchantile Exchange. Later, I caught the tail-end of the tech boom working in venture capital in Hong Kong right in the middle of the bubble. The experience was incredible to see the variety of business plans (many of them extremely bad).

Eventually after working 80 hour weeks in trading, private equity and the hedge fund world, I hit a breaking point and my soul clamored for different work.

I left the traditional corporate world in 2004. After working for a year at Stanford Graduate School of Business as an Assistant Director, I thereafter formed my own consulting firm, initially Global Spirit LLC and now Conscious LLC, to focus on helping entrepreneurs and small businesses growth by leveraging internet marketing.

My company has a small internal team (2-3), a wide outsource network (20+) and a small group of joint-venture partners. Together we keep a pulse on what’s happening in the online world. This includes relationships with an extensive network of experts and internet specialists in key areas. This outsourcing network has taken years to develop and those in it are at the top of their game in their respective disciplines.

I currently live in Maui, Hawaii with my family. I travel to the mainland periodically, often working for a month at a time to meet with customers and work on projects.

I was drawn to Hawaii for the ocean, land, people and spirit of Aloha. It is a vibrant place to work and to bring up my children while they are young. Some of my interests include reading, tai chi, photography, video production, blogging, traveling, food, meditation and tai chi.

Keynote Talks and Presentations

I have limited availability but can talk on the following for conferences and summits:

  1. Internet Strategy Blueprint: Five Steps to Creating Your Internet Strategy [Keynote]
  2. Podcasting Profit Blueprint: Eight Steps to Launching Your Own Podcast [Keynote]
  3. Tao of the Email Optin: 22 Ways to Get the Lead and Convert them to Buyers
  4. Eleven Habits of Incredible Internet Marketers
  5. The Power of Unified Resonate Energy Fields in Business