An authority portal is a site that focuses on a specific niche and often has multiple contributors, forums and listing directories. These can be for a specific media demographic (youth, baby boomers), specific industry (martial arts, yoga) or for a wider target group (Huffington Post, NaturalNews).

Establishing an authority portal can give those involved expert status and long-term competitive advantage in any vertical industry. These sites can generate automated profits and build value quickly by aggregating content.

How to Build a Successful Authority Portal

The following are seven keys to building a successful authority portals:

  1. Key Content Contributors: Each authority portal rests on the quality of the authors and contributors. There are various strategies (paid and not-paid) that can be used to build and grow content on a regular basis
  2. Editorial Calendar and Internal Systems: As a authority portal grows, it is important to have defined publishing processes (editorial, SEO, fact checking, references). With these you can setup a internet property that has great value and without these the content can be a liability for copyright and legal reasons.
  3. SEO Strategy: To be most successful each post and each silo will be organized with an aim to rank high on search engines and to maximize reader engagement once on the page.
  4. Customer Generated Content: Integration of customer generated content such as comments, social shares and interaction is a key component to almost every successful authority site in the market.
  5. Customer List and Relationship Management: Building a loyal email list and nurturing the customer relationship over time is a key variable in success or failure.
  6. Social Media Integration: Social media can be leverage in profound ways to accelerate views and engagement across multiple platforms.
  7. Business Model and Monetization: Every authority site can follow one of three primary business models. Each business model has its own set of success factors and determines where to focus resources.

Authority Portal Management

Currently we are developing and operating two authority portals that will be launched in the Spring of 2014.

We consult with companies on how to setup, maintain and develop authority portals. We also enter into strategic partnerships with those wanting to build or expand industry verticals.

If you are interested in developing an authority portal or have further inquiries on one of our existing projects please contact us here.