Creator Mastermind Overview

Are you tired of going it alone? Do you want to connect with others on the same path and dramatically accelerate the pace that you achieve your goals?

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of information about internet marketing and wondering where to focus your time and efforts?

Creator Mastermind teaches you the latest internet marketing methods and business building strategies via weekly phone calls and at three 3-day events.

A mastermind group is an accelerator offering you a powerful peer network, the systems and the practices you to succeed. Throughout history, all great men and women have surrounded themselves with supporting people and energies, literally ‘standing on the shoulder of giants’.

By aligning with a group of conscious creators you’ll step into a powerful energy field. It will initiate action, clarity and abundance. You’ll step away from a default path and into the path of your dreams.


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conference roomAccelerating Your Soul Path

This Mastermind Group is about living fully what you were meant to DO and BE on the planet. It is about consciously being of highest service to yourself and those you work with and your community. It is about CREATING the products and services that you have been incubating often for years.

The Conscious Mastermind takes your business and life to the next level acting as a dream-accelerator…you’ll find yourself accomplishing more in three to six months than what it may have taken years or more.

It is all about your and your deeper transformation because you can’t earn more without being more of who you really are!

This mastermind is unique in that it brings together people in the transformational community including authors, teachers, speakers, school owners, therapists, educators and marketers.

The Creator Mastermind Core Offering

The Mastermind is structured to give you maximum personal time on a weekly basis and to have deeper experiences for three times a year. Here is what you’ll receive:

  1. Three 3-Day in person strategy and implementation weekends: We will be meeting in conscious centers such as San Diego, Boulder, Maui and Sedona. These will be intense weekend that will be full of teaching, sharing and helping you plan and move your business forward with clear action plans. These will be recorded and placed in a private member area.
  2. Weekly Group Mentor Calls: This is your weekly opportunity (52 sessions) to ask questions and work on your business real-time. These calls will go as long as they need to and you will get as much working and seeing how others build their businesses as when you are working on your own. If you miss a call these will also be recorded.
  3. Deep-Dive Training: When appropriate we will do deep dives into specific tactics that can help you in your business.
  4. Accountability Partners:  You will have the option to be paired with one other member to keep each other accountable week by week.
  5. Quarterly Strategy Reviews: We will work on a quarter cycle with the aim to have 3-5 initiatives for each quarter and to have ONE primary focus each quarter. This will help you focus your efforts and help you create results. We will begin each quarter with a special call to develop our quarterly goals and review previous quarters.
  6. LIVE Expert Interviews: From time to time we will being in guest experts to share and present ideas and practices that can help you in your business.
  7. SPECIAL Bonuses: This will be a fun group and expect the unexpected.

Our Results Focused Training

Every group has its own benefits – the Creator Mastermind is meant for all of us to CREATE products and services and get them in the hands of paying customers. We will ‘get clear on what we want to create’, then find the fastest way to create it and then find the best methods to offer them to the market. We will support each other to make this happen by working in many of the following five core business areas:

#1 Internet Strategy Blueprint Creation

We will be working to create a Internet Strategy Blueprint™ and Internet Strategy Wheel™ for each member of the group. This will be a map that help us determine our primary avatar, sales funnels and components of our business. This will also include working to build a business model that can be scaled over time and that has a residual income component as well as positioning oneself in the market as a primary authority in the field.

#2 Crushing Offer Creation

We will be working to get very clear on designing a ‘must have’ set of offers that over-deliver, solve customer problems and are best-in-class in their niche. We will also work on strategies and tactics to create a suite of products that connect to each other.

#3 Core Lead Generation Creation

Every business needs a cost effective way to generate leads. This can include Facebook Ads, events or speaking from the stage, sales webinars, summits and other techniques to continually be building new leads.

#4 Core Sales and Product Launch Methods

Different priced offers low, medium and high most often require different sales techniques. Depending on the offer we will work with members to put in place the right sales funnel which may include an instant offer, a 3 video product launch sequence, a video sales letter and/or a one-to-one closing call.

#5 Business and Profit Optimization

To grow and expand each of our businesses we will look at how we can add capacity. We will look at how to optimize our various funnels.

We will have a focus on specific tactics we can bring into our business that leverage our results such as increasing customer value, raising conversion rates, putting in place affiliate program and adding upsells and downsells during the process.

Apply Today

The Creator Mastermind is by application only. It is for those who are ready to take action on their dreams and have build some existing business structure that can act as the foundation. There are a limited number of slots and once those have been filled we will not be taking in new members.

The program is not cheap because you will get personalized mentoring and our goal together will be to put in place the strategy and act on a plan that will significantly increase your income (and multiplying any investment you make in the program).