The idea of product launches isn’t new to the business world. So what’s all the buzz about product launches these days?

For decades, everyone from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 corporations have launched products. Careers are often made on a successful product release. In the past, new launches were often considered a risky venture with low success rates. So what’s changed?

The internet has dramatically changed HOW products are launched. Everyone from small business owners to large corporations can leverage the internet to have a successful launch. Through product launches you can generate a massive influx of cash. Tens, hundreds, and over a million dollars can be made often within a time span of just a week.

From 2012 through 2013, we have been responsible for over $2 million in launches with our clients.

Anatomy of an Online Launch

An online product launch has dozens of components some of which include:

  • Determining customer avatars
  • List building funnels
  • Identifying and overcoming objections
  • Launch sequence and timing
  • Social media campaigns
  • Paid campaigns and free giveaways
  • Sales copy writing
  • Video scripting and production
  • Technical cart, payment, and opt-in integration
  • Offer creation and management
  • Up-sell integration
  • Partner and JV management
  • Affiliate systems

What is exciting is that no matter the size of your company you can use product launches as a core strategy to drive profitable results. The key to a great launch is great planning and execution.

Product Launch Services

We currently offer two launch services. The first is a Product Launch Mentor Program, and the second is a more comprehensive Product Launch Manager Program.

Product Launch Mentor Program

The Product Launch Mentor Program is a concentrated 8-week program to create a turn-key blueprint for your launch of an offline or online product. The goal is to create a plan that will make you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We work with you on weekly consulting calls to create a strategic map and fill in the details for your successful launch.

In the Product Launch Mentor Program, we will work together:

  1. Setting up the launch timeline and themes
  2. Scripting all emails to be sent out for your launch
  3. Scripting of the launch videos in your program
  4. Developing your offer and pricing
  5. Choosing the best technology and membership solutions
  6. Identifying the best marketing and list strategies
  7. Identifying potential affiliate partners

This program is perfect for those who have some web experience, but lack skills in either selling, setting up launch systems, or who need help in writing copy that converts to sales.

After completing the program, you will have a complete blueprint for your product launch that can be implemented when and how you want.

The cost for the Product Launch Mentor Program is a one-time payment $8,000.

You can register directly for this service here:


Product Launch Manager Program

In the Product Launch Manager Program, we become your implementation partner. This includes setting up your launch funnels, membership sites, and integrating your payment gateways. We are also present for the setup and filming of your launch and sales videos (four videos in total).

We run your launch for you and are your ‘done-for-you’ partner. This is an intimate relationship as we get to know you, your team, and your business in great detail.

This service is ideal for entrepreneurs who have an existing product or product in development, expert status in the market, and a client/customer list or affiliates that have an email list of over 10,000 people. If you have these three assets we target the initial launch to be at least $100,000. Often it takes between 3 and 6 months from start to finish a launch of this size. It is important to remember there are ideal launch windows for specific markets and types of products.

The base fee starts a $20,000 plus 25% of net profits.

Contact me here for a free consultation for Launch Mentor or Manager Services