The leading corporations are integrating internet marketing strategies as a primary way to build their brands, engage their communities and to maximize profits.

The way people buy and connect with others has forever changed and is continuing to change through the mass adoption of the internet, social media, and mobile smart phones or tablets.

Smart companies are staying ahead of the internet curve to maintain their lead. Others are using the internet as an opportunity to grab market share from entrenched brands or to create new brands.

Smart companies are also connecting their online and offline strategies. A customer often goes through what Brian Kurtz of Boardroom calls ‘O to O to O’ or ‘online to offline to online’. At each online or offline touch point an opportunity exists to have a customer take an action or to make an impression. Often these moments are missed or not consciously crafted for a specific outcomes.

At each point there are specific strategies and techniques that can be used to improve the overall customer experience and maximize the value of that customer.

We help established corporations understand the fast-changing internet landscape so they determine the best strategies and tactics to maximize growth and ROI.

Corporate Consulting Services

As a boutique internet consulting firm we custom design our consulting work for each client based on their specific needs. Our services can include one or all of the following three work phases:

PHASE 1: Research and Assessment

As internet experts in many areas, we can evaluate your:

  • Internet strategy
  • Mobile and apps
  • Asset development and creation
  • Social media pages, engagement, and paid campaigns
  • Lead and sales funnels analysis
  • Existing technologies and team
  • Customer experience mapping

Specific outcomes: Strategy, Site, or Media Analysis Reports; Customer Experience Map; Technology Recommendation Report

PHASE 2: Strategic Planning

Our detailed internet strategic plan is a blueprint that can include:

  • Customized internet strategy
  • Mobile strategy and optimization
  • Social media campaigns and engagement strategy
  • Customer profit maximizer analysis (up-sell, down-sell, cross-sell, post-sell)
  • Technology and vendor selection
  • Product launch strategy
  • Internet dashboard creation
  • Team development and sourcing

Specific outcomes: Strategic Plan; Product Launch or Campaign Plan; Team Hiring

PHASE 3: Implementation

Based on your specific needs, we can play an active role in implementing your plan or working on actionable steps with your team. Leverage our team of experts. We specialize in the following areas:

  • Lead and sales funnel optimization
  • Online product creation (audio, video, and membership sites)
  • Product launches

Specific outcomes: Internet System Development and Implementation; Asset and Product Creation; Product Launch Implementation

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