Facebook ImageAre you fully utilizing the power of Facebook.

The rise of Facebook has been extraordinary and for businesses it offers one of the best ways BOTH to grow organically and through paid advertising.

I work with clients so they can leverage all of the many different features of Facebook including:

  • Facebook Fan Pages
  • Facebook Personal Pages
  • Facebook Advertising (Timeline, Promoted Posts, Ads)
  • Facebook Groups (Private and Open)
  • Facebook Search
  • Facebook Share

Facebook Advertising Creates Results

Facebook advertising is currently one of the most effective and powerful marketing mediums on the planet.


You can narrow your target audience to specific demographics, interest and age groups, paying only for those leads that fit within that demographic.

The results are qualified customers at a lower cost per lead.

You can use Facebook ads generally in two ways: one is to get new Likes (to a page) and the second is to get an email optin to your mailing list.

I believe that BOTH strategies are important and serve different purposes. My company puts together integrated campaigns that targets both goals.

10 Benefits to Outsourcing Your Facebook Account

facebook_logoAs a business owner you should be spending your time on you most valuable activities. Although Facebook lots of opportunities, it can also become a DISTRACTION to your core business activities.

Even though I think it is very important that you engage with Facebook directly, it is easy to have it be a drain or to ‘get in over your head’ when it comes to doing what is most effective.

What is the solution?

My experience is that it is best to outsource the management of you Facebook areas to one competent person or to an outside company who knows all of the inside tricks and secrets.

There are several major benefits to doing this:

  1. You will have consistent and regular content
  2. You will accountable to batch most of your content so it does not become a time drain
  3. You will have someone whose COMPETENCY is maximizing Facebook’s value to you and your company
  4. You can go on vacation or put Facebook on semi-autopilot
  5. You can optimize all of your profiles and pages for lead generation and sharing
  6. You can grow your email list and Fanbase faster
  7. You can change quickly to new rules and ad policies
  8. You can setup new campaigns faster
  9. You can get a monthly report that summarizes everything that is happening
  10. You can have peace of mind

I am sure there are more benefits but these are the main ones that make it really worth giving this to someone else. Also it does not mean you can not be on Facebook, but rather when you are there your activities can supplement a consistent and effective campaign.

I work with clients in a variety of ways with Facebook, often we will train someone internal to do the work or we can manage your profiles internally.

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