Five Tips to 10x Your TODO List

I must admit that I am a fanatic for todo lists.

I rotate between a nice clean yellow pad which is my favorite and complex spreadsheets.I would probably be better to be consistent with one method, but I find that my mental state at some time demands a hyper-organized spreadsheet while at other times I need a sheet of paper I can cram into my wallet.

For many years I have used Moleskin journals as well. There is something about having one place to put everything, including your todo lists. My bag almost always has a journal in it and it is the first item that comes out when I am meeting people. I also recently discovered that moleskin now makes larger journals and that is even better.

But I should mention I keep returning to the yellow pad. Maybe it is because my father used to have these on his desk all the time. Maybe it is because it is yellow and slightly oversized so it sticks out, the pages ruffle so that it can not be ignored. You just can’t underestimate the power of the yellow pad.

So how do you 10X your todo list?


When I say 10X I mean how can we get thing done faster and get more done. There is nothing more depressing that making a long todo list and then barely making a dent in the list during the day.

To get maximum productivity I think there are all kinds of systems out there. Here are five simple tips that I use to get results.

Todo List Tip #1

Before starting a new to do list ask, “What do I want to consciously create?”

My experience has shown me that if I do not ask this question, then my todo list can get hijacked. What gives me passion and energy to work on something are those things that I choose to create. You can choose to create something for another or youself.

The alternative is that you can get caught up in dealing with past issues or recreating the same thing you have done before.

Without putting some of your time on where you want to go then you get stuck into creating a ‘default future.’

Todo List Tip #2

Block time for the most important task that you will complete first

This is pretty simple yet I find I have to make this a ritual each day.

Todo List Tip #3

Focus on the things on the list that are your unique offering or capability. Outsource the rest whenever possible or eliminate.

I can do a lot of things but I am naturally great at three things. So I make sure that I am working on that which supercharges and energizes me. It is also how I create the most value for my own business and for my clients.

Todo List Tip #4

Eliminate anything on the list that you can not control or take action on.

Todo List Tip #5

Look at the list and find the one or two items that make you the most uncomfortable. What keeps you up at night?

Is it doing your finances or paying bills? Is it prospecting or making a difficult phone call? Is it content creation?

Once you know what those items are pick the one that makes you feel uncomfortable the most and focus on that.

By working on it and completing it you release the bound energy. You free your mind from worry. This will give you more energy for the rest of your list.


These are five tips I use in my own business. I am sure you have your own.

Tell me what tips you would recommend to others by leaving a comment below.

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  • Danielle says:

    Tips #1 and #5 are my favorite. To bust through the tough item (tip #5) I like to follow the two minute rule. Spend at least two minutes doing that dreaded item on the list. If after two minutes you want a break – then take one. But keep repeating the two minute rule until you’ve built moment or completed the task.

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