The Internet Platform Program is a six-month results focused consulting service. The program is for qualified entrepreneurs and businesses who would like ‘done-for-you’ implementation that gives a massive boost to internet presence and profits. The program is best suited for entrepreneurs with at least $250,000 in existing revenue.

We work with you to put the strategy, content, and systems in place to make online and offline success inevitable. We work with you to help you make the right choices and put together strategy, design, technology and systems, asset creation, and marketing.

Five Stages of Building a Profitable Platform

When growing your business through online methods there are five stages that we have seen many companies go through:

Stage 1 – Strategy Creation

In stage 1 it is important to understand how the online game is played. It makes a lot of sense to create a good game plan, craft a strategy and especially to determine how to position yourself online. If you already have successful offline business, then it is critical to map how your online strategy supports your offline and vice versa.

Stage 2 – Building System and an Anchor Product

In stage 2 you must select the right technology solutions and then build them out. Often you will be connecting different systems. This is the phase where you start to build out your content and create your first products. It is also the stage where you need to focus on traffic and list building activities. Most online businesses get stuck here.

Stage 3 – Product Development

In stage 3 you have created a position in the market and launch a premium anchor product. At this point you start to build out your product offering and each product from lowest price to highest prices connects with each other creating a seamless customer experience.

Stage 4 – Partner and Affiliate Development

In stage 4 you have attracted attention of other partners and often growth  can be accelerated with affiliates and joint ventures. This is also the stage where you really focus on increasing traffic and running them through a variety of different types of funnel paths (book giveaways, webinars, paid advertising). In stage 4 you are testing and retesting everything and focusing on conversions.

Stage 5 – Reinvention and Growth

In stage 5 you are reinventing your business. You may look at developing your own applications, strategic partnerships and new sources of traffic including hard mailings. This is also the stage where you can add higher end products/services or where you may choose to add completely new funnels or different product offerings.

What’s Inside the Internet Platform Program

With the Internet Platform Program, we will help you built an internet infrastructure that supports future growth, revenue streams and bottom-line profits. The program focuses on getting you from stage 1 to stage 3.

We work with you and your business team to:

  1. Design a custom-tailored internet strategy and provide you with ‘done-for-you’ internet services; we become a partner in your business sucess
  2. Optimize your website for lead generation, conversion, and setup of basic ad campaigns (plugins, banners, styling). If required, we can also create your website/or rebuild your website from scratch
  3. Build your social media presence by setting up optimized profiles, developing content streams, and posting to your sites on a daily basis (Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube)
  4. Develop a stream of assets (blog, audio, video, podcast, webinar) for ongoing email engagement and lead generation
  5. Develop at least 1 new lead magnet or opt-in giveaway per month
  6. Develop at least 1 new sales funnel per month including writing the copy for your email autoresponder sequence
  7. Plan your first online product or membership site
  8. Build a future product development map and design your unique customer experience map

In this program, we set-up the funnels and take care of the technology for you. This program includes weekly coaching and accountability sessions.

Your primary role will be to create and supply the base content.

Participation in the Internet Platform Program is by application only. The investment starts at $3,500 per month with a minimum commitment of six months.

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