Lessons of Great Presenters

By April 9, 2013Interviews

I came across this nice presentation called What Would Steve Jobs Do? 10 Lesssons from the worlds great presenters.

Watch it here:


Here are the 10 Lessons if you don’t want to go through the 60 slides:

  1. Capture a story that captures both heart and mind – Use of emotion and story to pull people into the feeling.
  2. Create slides that lead your audience to say yes – I remember this yes technique from my Intro to Sales Course in University
  3. Start by telling us WHY we should care – I think the idea of WHY is spreading across the internet and for good reason because at our depths it is our WHY that drives us
  4. Show us how your product will make our lives better – imagery, pictures and magic
  5. Use simple language free of Jargon – this often gets overlooked; also in school we learn cliches shouldn’t be used but I would propose often they serve a useful purpose
  6. Use metaphors to create meaning – the art of speaking and writing here
  7. Ditch the bullet points immediately – I don’t think Steve Jobs would like this blog post; I really like when an entire word or just an image is placed on one slide and then a speaker takes me through the context. How is this for a quote, “Bullets are for guns and todo lists not for presentations.
  8. Don’t just tell us, show us – Demonstrations, testimonials, imagining
  9. It’s not a presentation, its a performance – I really like this one because often when I work with high level teachers they go into education mode and forget that it is edutainment and if you lose the viewer you don’t get the results. I think high level teaching and presenting go hand and hand with performance.
  10. There is no shortcut to excellence – Well, I think a lot of time can be saved with the right coaching AND directing AND with good copy, but I agree the more prepared and practiced the better.

All and all I think this is a useful review list for any presenter. I’ll be using it as I film some of my videos.

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